Wages 4 W.A.G.E.

In October 2014 W.A.G.E. launched Wages 4 W.A.G.E., a 6-week fundraising campaign intended to help us make the transition into a functioning *but not bureaucratic* non-profit organization. Through the generosity of close to 800 friends and supporters, Wages 4 W.A.G.E. raised $52,685! After operating on volunteer labor for over 6 years, we ourselves can now be fairly compensated. W.A.G.E. and its Board of Directors extend an earnest and monumental thank you to everyone who showed their support for our work—we are moved and deeply grateful. You are:

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And your comments:

:) $$$ <3 w.a.g.e <3
"My W.A.G.E. RAGE at work." THANK YOU for what you do.
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain
A day late + a dollar $hort
A few years ago, your information was very helpful to defend myself against my state tax revenue department. I was successful. Thank you very much for your work!
A very important cause. It's about fairness!
Always happy to support the great work WAGE is doing.
Amazing things <3
Art student. My (undergraduate) degree costs $160,000 only in tuition money.
Artist should always be paid! Thanks for your hardwork!
Because $TRUGG£€$ sap ¢REATIVIT¥!!
Because I do enough "shadow labor" volunteering at my kid's school.
Congrats y'all! The new material is fantastic. I hope this helps meet your goal!
During times like this how can we not donate and make art
Everyone wants my little bit of money, but you guys get it, because wages for art are the ticket to restore criteria in a world that has lost its aesthetic compass
For Agnes, who might be an artist.
For A.L. Steiner
For higher Artist's fees in all The Americas. En Latino America tambien tenemos WAGE RAGE, RABIA SALARIAL.
Fuck Yeah.
Good luck everyone!
Good Luck!
Good luck! I hope your target is met!
Gooooooo ! <3
Got a grant and I got a job. Some parts of the art world treats me right and other parts just ignore me unless I serve to care and to listen. I'd like some of that service and care to come back into my direction. Maybe the donation will help.
Great job!! and thank you for doing this important work!
Great ORG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hats off to W.A.G.E. for doing important work.
Hell, yes!
Here we go!
Here's to certification spreading across the land
HMH Services
Honoring my sister A. L. Steiner who in my eyes #is everything
I believe in this! Donate what you can, if you can. If you can donate, make a contribution for someone who can't right now.
I have W.A.G.E. Rage because I am a "successful" but totally non-commercial artist.
I have W.A.G.E. RAGE because I'm an art student and I'm broke and will be broker once I have to start paying off these goddamn loans.
I heard A L Steiner speak only about her work recently, and she briefly mentioned this, but her commitment with so many good ongoing projects left an impression on me that gives me the kind of life one can hope for. This is where money ought to be spent.
I love you, Listings Project loves you and we are so happy you exist!
I never get any fucking grant and most often have fucking wage rage
Here is 100 borrowed from amex credit card at 15% interest rate be my guest keep up the good work
I really am broke, but I support the cause! Next, could you advocate for fair wages for arts writers??
I support this because capitalism still exists and we currently need money to survive but looking forward to a day when our value is not based in any form of currency. Until we are ALL able to live in abundance, I believe in paying people!
I support this cause. looking forward to seeing where this goes!
I support WAGE's fight for artist fees. Solidarity means nothing if I don't put my money where my mouth is. Good luck!
I wish it could be more.
Important work for all artists!
In support
It's only right. Writers for W.A.G.E.
Keep on keep on
Keep on keepin on. Xo
LACE is on board!
Let's change the way it works!
Listen up! Listen up! Pay the artists!
Love the work you are doing and the dialogue it's generating.
Love to you all <3
Love you wage.
No more economic inequality and corporate exploitation!
No need to send a poster
On behalf of our staff and every artist on our roster.
On behalf of the Feminist Art Gallery, Toronto
On behalf of the Feminist Art Gallery, Toronto
Our labor must be acknowledged and supported! Thank you WAGE.
Pay artists what they are worth.
Pay W.A.G.E. so W.A.G.E. can keep fighting the good fight!
Power to the pie slice and therefore to the class.
Rage on!
Rage rage at the no wage. haha Institutions, museums, fly you in, hotel you in, and don't pay you? What the f ? They HAVE TO pay a responsible honorarium, even so they are nonprofit... most artist are nonprofit! except for the 1% :) The Whitney Biennale paid NOTHING, their excuse is 122 artists. They allow so many artists so they don't have to pay! its a conspiracy :) They leave in a fucking bubble. They are the horror that's hard to say no. I shelved my integrity and took the easy calculated yes...rage rage at the no wage. i am done! good rage good bye! Xx
Rage the measly minimum W.A.G.E.!
Rage! W.A.G.E.! Against the plutocratic right!
Rock on amigos
So badly needed. Thank you, I will join in this effort, and make it part of the education of my students!
So in agreement about the movement. So impressed with the details of your certification program. Thank you.
Sorry to be late, under deadline pressure. Go grrrls and buoys.
Thank you and support
Thank you for doing this. It's about time!
Thank you for making a difference for us all!
Thank you for raising awareness on this important issue!
Thank you for the work you do. You deserve to get paid, too!
Thank you for this tool that is crucial to our field. It will be key in allowing us, as administrators, to do our work better.
Thank you W.A.G.E yes, it is a structural catastrophe, payment for labor is a good thing. Even if out art is FREE, does not mean it should be for free. how did this happen? who mixed that up?
THANK YOU WAGE FOR TAKING SPEARING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!! I just got asked to participate on a panel, give an artist talk and do a performance for FREE! Cultural capital is nice but you can't eat it!!!
Thank you, WAGE on!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks for this
Thanks Lindsay Benedict for bringing this to me.
Thanks to W.A.G.E.
Thanks to you all!
Thanks WAGE for this.
The Scottish Artists Union supports WAGE's campaign and is in solidarity with the cause to encourage proper remuneration for artists.
This calculator is SUPER helpful - thank you!
This is really important!
This is where our collective money should go! Especially now after the hideous election results
This matters.
Transparency = Accountability
Very proud of this movement!
Voluntary exchange between sophisticated parties is the cornerstone of a free society. I support WAGE because it asks artists to think economically, own their economic agency and shed the myth that to be a good artist you must accept a bad deal.
W.A.G.E. is mighty!
W.A.G.E. On!
W.A.G.E. on!!! You need artists! And we need a living wage!
WAGE against the machine!
Wage rage for all the amazing artists I represent!
Wage Rage!
WAGE RAGE! I donate because we need the good work WAGE is doing.
We could not have gotten this far without you. Congrats, Lise and co!
We support you!
When everyone else involved in a show is being paid, the artist should be paid.
When we work for nothing we will be paid nothing.
Wish I could give more! Don't stop! Fight on!
Wish I had a grant about now
Wish it could be more!
Working for free to make culture more exciting is so passé...... can we do a workshop for Stolkhom Syndrome?
x struggle x
Y.E.S. and THANK YOU!!!!
Yay for pay!
Yes, I have W.A.G.E RAGE !!!!!!!!!!!

We demand payment for making the world more interesting