Fee Categories

Most W.A.G.E. Certified institutions produce programs with artists that do not fit precisely within these 15 fee categories. These programs can usually be accomodated, please contact us directly.


1. Solo Exhibition 

An exhibition focused on a single artist. It may extend across a full floor or a series of spaces or include a series of programs. It may involve existing, new and commissioned work and often involves the presentation of a number of different works and the publication of a catalog. A Solo Exhibition is defined as inclusive of a range of content and services, including some of the categories listed below (performances, programming, screenings). 


2. Solo Project 

The presentation of commissioned work by a single artist that comprises a single work, body of work or project, and is smaller in scale than a Solo Exhibition.


3. 2-Person Exhibition 

An exhibition focused on the work of two artists. This may involve existing, new or commissioned work.


4. Group Exhibition, 3 - 5 Artists 

An exhibition focused on the work of three to five artists. This includes works of performance.


5. Group Exhibition, 6+ Artists 

An exhibition focused on the work of six or more artists, including a recurring survey exhibition such as a biennial. This includes works of performance.


6. Traveling Exhibition

Artists receive a fee each time their work is mounted in a Traveling Exhibition. A Traveling Exhibition may include any category in this schedule. 


7. Performance of Existing Work 

For each performance of an existing work. Fees in this category are paid to the Contracted Artist. For fees to other performers see "Day Rate for Performers".


8. Performance, Commission of New Work 

A new performance work commissioned by a host institution. Fees in this category are paid to the Contracted Artist. Fees to other performers are dispensed under 'Day Rate for Performers'.


9. Solo Screening with In-Person Appearance

The screening of a film or video accompanied by an in-person appearance by the artist. The fee is separate and distinct from any rental fees paid to a film distributor. The continuous screening of a film or video in an exhibition is covered under the exhibition categories listed above. In the case of both single and continuous screening in an exhibition context, institutions are not required to pay an artist fee if a fee is paid to a distributor.


10. Event with 2 or More Participants

A single event with two or more artists. This may take the form of a presentation of discrete works including but not limited to performance, screening, or reading, or it may be a panel discussion.


11. Artist Talk or Reading 

The delivery by a single participant of an existing lecture or visual presentation of works, or the reading of a text to an audience. 


12. Lecture 

The delivery of a new keynote presentation or a new lecture by an artist. Criteria for what constitutes new content must be negotiated between artist and institution.


13. Existing Text for Publication 

The reprinting of an existing text in a publication issued by an organization.


14. Commissioned Text for Publication

A new essay or text commissioned for publication by an organization. (Copyright remains with the artist/author: payment of a fee does not render the commission "work for hire.")


15. Day Rate for Performers 

Fees paid to performers participating in commissioned and existing performances created by the Contracted Artist. Fees are paid to performers directly by the organization. ‘Performers’ include all persons who may be understood as performers, whether called Facilitators, Re-performers, Caretakers or other.