Rates and Terms

Below are the rates of pay for organizations with Total Annual Operating Expenses (TAOE) of $500,000 or less, as well as the terms of engagement where applicable. Institutions with TAOE above $500,000 should refer to the Fee Calculator. Rates for these institutions are calculated as a fixed percentage of their TAOE.


1. Solo Exhibition 


2. Solo Project


3. 2-Person Exhibition 


4. Group Exhibition, 3 - 5 Artists


5. Group Exhibition, 6+ Artists


6. Traveling Exhibition

Participating artists receive a standard full W.A.G.E. fee for the first iteration of the exhibition, paid by the originating venue. In subsequent iterations, each fee is paid by the host institution and treated as an ‘Exhibition Fee’. An Exhibition Fee is 50% of the standard full fee. For example, if a host institution's TAOE is $500,000 or less, the fee for a Group Exhibition with 6+ Artists would be a minimum of $75 per artist, or 50% of $150. If an artist is required to install their work each time the exhibition is mounted, the host institution must pay the artist using the Day Rate for Performers category in this schedule, in addition to covering travel and accommodation expenses. Please note this category is not included in the Fee Calculator.

7. Performance of Existing Work


8. Performance, Commission of New Work


9. Solo Screening with In-Person Appearance


If an artist self-distributes their work, rates are negotiated between artist and institution. W.A.G.E. recommends a minimum rental fee of $250 per feature and $75 per short film. The continuous screening of a film or video in an exhibition is covered under the exhibition categories listed above. In the case of both single and continuous screening in an exhibition context, institutions are not required to pay an artist fee if a fee is paid to a distributor.    

10. Event with Presentations or Performances by 2 or More Participants

$100 (Revised category 09/18)

11. Talk, Discussion, or Workshop with 2 or More Participants

$100 (Revised category 09/18) 

12. Existing Talk, Presentation or Reading

$100 (Revised category and price 09/18)

An Artist Talk in conjunction with an exhibition is considered additional content and must be compensated separately. An exhibition walk-through or video interview may be included as content provided by the artist as part of the program, but it must be negotiated as such with the contracting institution and acknowledged as labor. In larger institutions where different departments may work with an artist to produce different content for the same program, it is the responsibility of the institution to coordinate between departments and produce a single cohesive contract agreement. For smaller institutions, all content being produced for the program should be itemized and agreed upon by both artist and institution.  

13. Commissioned Talk or Presentation 

$150 (Revised category and price 09/18)

14. Existing Text for Publication 

$50 or $0.025/word

15. Commissioned Text for Publication 


16. Day Rate for Performers

$25/hour or $125/day, whichever is higher

Day Rate for Performers at institutions with operating expenses up to $5,000,000 is $25/hour or $125/day, whichever is higher. Day Rate for Performers at institutions with operating expenses over $5,000,000 is $50/hr or $200/day, whichever is higher. In some cases this category may also be used to contract other forms of temporary waged labor not covered by this schedule. Fee offer must be articulated to applicants at time of audition/interview and Performers must receive a contract for review a minimum of 5 business days before signing and returning. If the contracted work takes place over a period of more than 30 days, Performers must be hired as Temporary Employees and not Independent Contractors.