4. Get Certified or Negotiate

WAGENCY is also a certification program. It certifies WAGENTS when they successfully secure W.A.G.E. fees or withhold labor when not paid them. When WAGENTS are willing and able to leverage their social, cultural, or economic capital to pressure institutions, they build leverage for those who may not be in a position to turn down work. Negotiating your terms of engagement begins once your contact at the institution receives a Fee Request from W.A.G.E. sent on your behalf. Once received, they will have two options:


(1) If the institution APPROVES, W.A.G.E. fees will have been secured and you become a Certified WAGENT.
(2) If the institution chooses to NEGOTIATE and makes a counteroffer, there are three possible outcomes:
(i) The institution makes a counteroffer above W.A.G.E. standards. You accept and become a Certified WAGENT.
(ii) The institution makes a counteroffer below W.A.G.E. standards. You decline and become a Certified WAGENT.
(iii) You choose to negotiate below W.A.G.E. standards and secure compensation. You remain an active WAGENT.



WAGENCY allows you to oscillate between being certified and uncertified and welcomes all forms of participation. WAGENTS choose to be listed publicly by name or anonymously by number, and WAGENT signatures, intended to be placed on your website, are dynamic SVG files that always reflect your current status. As long as you continue to secure W.A.G.E. fees or withhold labor when not paid them, you will be listed as certified. Please note that Certified WAGENTS have an additional responsibility. They are required to pay equitably those who contribute to producing the content of their work – their studio assistants. New payment guidelines and a WAGENCY Work Agreement for assistant labor can be found here.

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