W.A.G.E. is actively recruiting artists who are ready to collectivize their leverage, willing to make common demands, and able to afford $5 a month.

WAGENCY's capacity to eradicate conditions of non-payment depends on the active and sustained participation of its membership. WAGENCY only works if you use it, and to use it you must become a subscribing member. Subscription revenue directly supports W.A.G.E.’s work as an independent organizing body and covers the annual cost of accessing the public tax records of thousands of nonprofit institutions through Guidestar. Subscribers are assigned a nontransferable membership number and receive a dynamic SVG  logo identifying them as active WAGENTS. Who is a WAGENT? See a list here.


Increase your bargaining power with institutions and build collective strength together with other artists. Join WAGENCY for $5 a month. If you want to join but can't afford to pay, please get in touch. Email us at info@wageforwork.com.


Questions? Read the FAQ.

More Questions? Contact us at info@wageforwork.com.





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